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Avantrec Ltd Privacy Policy

What information do we collect?

Avantrec Ltd holds and processes some items of personal data relating to its customers, i.e., anyone who receives a product or service from Avantrec Ltd. As such, it is a Data Controller under the EU General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR).

We collect the following personal data at the point of sale:

How do we use and store this data?

We use personal data to send our product(s) to customers’ addresses and to provide post-sales information and support. We do not share customers’ data with any other person or organisation.

The data is stored on password protected computers with encrypted disks, on encrypted local backup disks, and also backed up to the Microsoft OneDrive cloud service.

What is the lawful basis for processing data?

We use customers’ personal data in order to deliver a contract. We do not hold data for any other purpose, nor do we hold data that is not necessary for us to fulfil our obligations.

Providing customers with access to their personal data

Customers can request to view, amend or delete their data by contacting us by email at avantrec.ltd@gmail.com.

Website analytics

This website uses Google Analytics for basic traffic analysis, which utilises browser cookies. It is configured to anonymise storage of the IP addresses of visitors to the site, so that no personally identifiable information is stored by Google or by anyone else.

SonoPlus logs

For SonoPlus users only: SonoPlus devices send a small amount of logging information to an Avantrec service running on the Google Cloud Platform. Each log entry contains a unique numeric ID that identifies the originating SonoPlus unit, but contains no personally identifiable information. The information in the logs is available only to Avantrec Ltd, and is used only for diagnostic purposes.