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About Avantrec

Avantrec Ltd is a startup company based in Bristol in the UK. SonoPlus is one of our development projects.


We love our Sonos systems, and the idea for SonoPlus emerged from some home projects to make our Sonos experience even better. The results were so good that we decided to experiment with productising and simplifying them, to make them available to everyone without needing any technical know-how.

Sonos Open Source Projects

If you know your way around a Raspberry Pi, we offer a popular Docker packaged version of AirConnect optimised for Sonos speakers:

Docker AirConnect

If you’re comfortable using Python and would like to control your Sonos speakers from the command line, and to write powerful automation scripts, take a look at our Sonos command line utility:

SoCo-CLI: Control Sonos from the Command Line